Serial entrepreneur and investor, Brit Morin, will personally help you find your revenue-generating, passion-igniting idea. Her live bootcamp will walk you through how to find your true passion and turn it into a unique & scalable biz.

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2-day Big Idea Bootcamp



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Ever wanted to work on your own terms, but had NO IDEA what business idea was right for you? Or have a business but don't know what the right next step is? Maybe you’ve been playing with a few ideas, but can’t pick the right one. Maybe you just need the belief in yourself to make it a viable idea.

In our Big Idea Bootcamp, Brit will be going live for one hour each day from 10am-11am PST Sep 22nd & 23rd to interactively guide you on how to hone in on your business idea and ensure it is both a big enough concept and also true to you. Those unable to make it live will get access to the class on replay.

Already have a business idea or a business in motion? Join the course and Brit will ensure you’re making it even BIGGER. As a founder, CEO and venture capitalist, trust us when we say that Brit knows a thing or two about scaling a business.

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"I dedicated a few pages of my journal to the activities and still refer to them whenever I find myself in a rut."

— Elaine Tara

Big Idea Bootcamp helped me identify my talents and ignite my creative fire!