It's time to take the leap

(I've got your back!)

I took the leap in my mid ‘20s knowing next to nothing about how to start a business. 

Nearly a decade later, I’ve hustled my way to $75M+ in revenue, nearly 400 million users to our website, 1.2 billion pageviews, dozens of products in mass retail stores, our very own flagship store, 15,000 person festivals, a chart-topping podcast, a best-selling book, 50+ national TV segments, an online education business of 120+ classes, and so much more.

Sure, this might look super fancy, but here’s the thing: 

I’ve also failed miserably time and time again. I’ve been rejected, I’ve been heartbroken, I’ve cried and wanted to call it quits. But I didn’t. 

Why? Because of the community of people that’s come together to keep taking the leap with me, year after year. From entrepreneurs to teachers to makers and advisors, the most essential part of the Brit + Co story is the people we’ve learned from and leaned on along the way. And now, as both a CEO and investor (I recently co-founded Offline Ventures), I'm passionate about helping women get started in more ways than one.

That’s why I’m here, sharing what I’ve learned so far with all of you, so you can manifest your own best self, turn your passion into a business, and truly be Selfmade. 

Helping you find your passion has been the mission of Brit + Co since the beginning. And yet, it took a pandemic and skyrocketing unemployment rates for me to get frustrated enough to finally do something about it. What better time to do the dang thing than now?

Brit Morin, Founder + CEO

you woke up every morning excited to go to work?

What if...

I know how scary it is to take any kind of leap. But let me ask you some questions:

you could find your passion and turn that into your purpose?

What if...

you could make twice as much as you’re making right now? 

What if...

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