Expect to be challenged, supported, learn a lot, and have some great fun while doing it.

10 weeks to your dream.


Weekly live classes from top-rated business leaders every Monday, also available as a recording to go back to over and over again. 

Live Classes

 Ongoing weekly office hours with Brit and other coaches. Plus, a personal day-to-day coach and student group for accountability.

1:1 coaching

You'll join a large community of like-minded women to connect with, work with, and cheer you on, even after the course is over!


Let’s be honest: this is the hardest part of it all! The first step to learning how to build your dream business is to tell yourself that you CAN (and actually believe it). In this phase, we’ll figure out what it is that you love to do, how you could make money doing it, and how to get out of your own way to begin.


The foundation of a great business is a great idea. We'll help you determine which idea pairs your passion and expertise with a meaningful market opportunity. If you already have an idea, let us help you make it even BIGGER. Tap into your coach, community, and Brit for personalized feedback!

Week 2

defining your idea

Ensuring you have the proper business model is KEY to your success. We’ll debate the merits of each, help you brainstorm which is right for you, help you define your pricing and even ensure you get your annual P&L (profit and loss) statement set up.

Week 3

Finance & KPIs

Let’s just say, we know a thing or two about how to tell a story. This part of the course will focus on how to think about your brand and personal narrative in everything that you do, from your website to your IG page. Special guest teacher Emily Heyward of acclaimed agency Red Antler will be teaching this one!

Week 4


We’ll discuss your funding options, plus how to incorporate your company, set up your trademarks/patents, and hire freelancers or full-time employees. You’ll get to ask all your questions to actual startup and trademark lawyers who can give you expert advice.

Week 5

Fundraising & Legal

Let's tell some people about your business! This session is designed to teach you all the ways to attract and grow an engaged audience of buyers.

Week 6


We’re roping in our fave social media specialists to teach you how to create a brand on social media, build an engaged community, and master platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and more.

Week 7

Social media

We'll walk through how to define your target audience, how to measure your ROI, and what it means to run a successful ad campaign.

Week 8


Putting your best foot forward takes practice. We'll give you actionable insights and  help you get ready for Good Morning America, your next fundraising pitch, or your next Zoom meeting.

Week 9


The Sharks are ready to hear your pitches! Brit and her team of coaches will select a handful of lucky students to pitch on the hot seat and win REAL cash prizes to kick-off their businesses. Let's put what you've learned in class to the ultimate test.

Week 10

Pitch week & Wrap

Week 1

Course Schedule